Australia Eligibility Advisory Report Via Registered Migration Agents

Australia Eligibility Advisory Report Via Registered Migration Agents

Get your prospects for Australia PR assessed by RMA (Registered Migration Agent) and improve your chances of success

Program Overview

Navigating your way through the rules and regulations for obtaining a visa can be quite challenging. Even a minor blunder on your part may be enough for the visa officer to reject your visa application. It is for this reason that you need to assess the strength of your case before you submit your application. Our Australia Evaluation via RMA service will remove any element of uncertainty you may have about your chances of getting a visa. This evaluation is conducted by RMA’s who are registered with the Australian government and will represent your application before the authorities concerned.

  • The Australian immigration department uses a General Skilled Migration points system for granting visas. We along with your RMA will determine this score for you so that you can assess how you fare on one of the key requirements for an Australian visa.
  • There are scores of visas granted depending up on whether you are a student, professional (skilled or unskilled), tourists, and refugee or looking to permanently relocate to Australia. We will determine the type of visa that you qualify for.
  • Not only are there different types of visas but also a host of subclasses. We will study your profile and indicate your sub class.
  • We will also help you in ascertaining if you fulfill all the pre-requisites to be a primary applicant for your family.
  • We will also deliver other key components like your skill and qualification assessment.

We urge you not to be disheartened in case you get a negative evaluation. Our RMA’s and consultants are highly experienced in this field and will suggest alternate options to you.

Check Eligibility

Following are the eligibility criteria for you as the primary applicant:

  • Age:- You must be between 18-49 years.
  • English language:- The applicant should prove that he/she meets the English language of competent or vocational level by submitting the test results before the application is lodged. You should also meet the English Language threshold (IELTS 6 bands in all the components- no points) if you hold a valid passport and are a citizen of one of the following countries: United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, United States of America and Republic of Ireland. If you need 10 or 20 points under Proficient English (IELTS 7 or more bands/ 8 or more bands respectively in all the components), English Language test results are required.
  • Nominated occupation:- The applicant should nominate an occupation on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) that is relevant to his/her skills, qualifications and recent work experience and also available in any of the states to sponsor the state nomination.
  • Skill Assessment:- It is mandatory for an applicant to get a positive skill assessment for a nominated occupation before the application is lodged.
  • Maintenance funds:- The applicants should show sufficient maintenance funds to obtain sponsorship from state territory.
  • Health & character requirements:- The applicant has to meet with health and character requirements.

Depending upon the type of profile that your spouse or de factor partner has, we will determine your partner’s chances for a partner visa as one of our deliverables.

Application Costs

Application Fees for the Australia Skilled Immigration Program:
If the applicant is applying outside Australia

  • Skill Assessment fee – AUD$300-AUD$2200
  • State Sponsorship fee- Varies from AUD$200- AUD$600 (if applicable)
  • Education Assessment (if applicable) – AUD$60 – AUD$300
  • Medicals/Registration– case specific
  • DIAC Application Fee: AUD$3600
  • Dependent below 18 years:AUD$900
  • Dependent above 18 years: AUD$1800
  • Spouse English Requirement Fee: AUD$4890

(This fee is applicable only if the spouse or the dependent is unable to score 4.5 overall in IELTS and has not completed his/her graduation in English Medium)

Process Timelines

Keywest Process time for evaluation: 2 -3 Business days.

Keywest Process

Evaluation: Use our professional services to check your eligibility for the relevant visa. We have the experience of having processed cases from all over the world. Your chances of success are much higher when you sign up with us. Our terms & conditions are clear along with a transparent system & clear policies. We only accept applications that we are confident will be a success. You have to first sign up for an evaluation before we accept your case.

Our process Includes: The Evaluation process is towards understanding your eligibility with respect to Australia for you and your partner with the type of visa you are eligible. In your technical evaluation, you will be informed with the points you scored, IELTS requirements, Experience requirements, your nominated occupation, Processing stages, Application fees, our deliverable, our fees, additional costs and other important details. You are required to provide us complete information with respect to your Personal details/Education /Employment and other requisites as per the forms provided. After finalizing your evaluation, the report will be generated as per the current points system. Evaluation report generated does not confirm a success; it describes your eligibility provided the mentioned requirements and points are met.

Keywest Immigration Department

  • We offer documentation processing, application & filing services related to immigration.
  • Our Immigration Processing Department ranks amongst the best in the world; and our strong research team evaluates and processes each application as per the latest rules and regulations in place.
  • Our experience of 16 years, in filing thousands of immigration applications has resulted in a strong, comprehensive and a case-study database.
  • Our offices across India and Overseas make us the only immigration consultant in India with a global presence. As a result, we file the highest number of visa applications from India. Keywest also employs and works with regulated and accredited immigration lawyers through company-owned offices in London and Canada; and through partner offices in Australia and New Zealand.
  • We have the highest success rate in visa approvals for applications from India and more than 50% of our customer base is churned through client referrals and word of mouth.
  • Currently, there are five countries which have a point-based immigration program. Point based immigration program is a good option for people who want to work and settle overseas.
  • An applicant can file for a visa application under a number of visa categories. You can apply for a visa independently/have a family member to sponsor you / have an overseas employer to sponsor you/have the country to sponsor you. Applicants, who fall under skills that are in demand, usually get bonus points on their visa and also get their visa faster. Each country has a list of occupations that are in demand.

10 Good Reasons Why Choose Keywest

  • 1.We are the established Market Leaders in overseas careers with company owned and operated branch in your city. We do not have franchisees.
  • 2.Most of our customers come to us through word of mouth which we built based on trust and quality over the years.
  • 3.We are a one stop shop for all your overseas career needs.
  • 4.You get the benefit from our deep and extensive knowledge base which we have accumulated from processing thousands of cases similar to yours.
  • 5.We have a pulse on global trends in careers and immigration and always have updated information which we share with you through our weekly newsletters and email alerts.
  • 6.We have rock solid financial credentials that you would seek in the company when you would be making an investment of a large sum and the outcome is critical to your life and career.
  • 7.We are system driven and have transparent processes and costs. All our offices are designed keeping this principle in mind–the reason why you will notice a lot of see through glass.
  • 8.We conduct business in good faith and you will notice that our agreements are fair and reasonable.
  • 9.We help you search for a job and settle down. Our Job Search Services Department is one of the strengths of our company.
  • 10.We have the best consultants in the market who are competent, committed and experienced. You will notice this yourself.
  • 11.We are competitively priced and offer flexible payment options and charge on a success fee basis. If we don’t deliver, we refund.